GPI Forankra's mission is to make handling and transport by air efficeint and safe.


Manufacturing process and quality control management allow GPI Forankra to deliver certified products


Our high quality products manufactured with state of the art components are assembled in-house by our team of engineers.


Our Mid-size company offers flexibility and reactivity in the supply or our products with very short lead-time.


Our product development team are always looking for design improvements in order to offer innovating products.

Core values

Making things happen.

We have a passion for business; we challenge, we take the initiative and we take on the responsibility for delivering what we promise.

Good to work with.

We inspire confidence through a genuine respect for people and relationships.


We drive sustainable change. We have a preference for long-term commitments with the intension of staying in and serving the market.


Safety First

We have a zero accident vision for our employees and customers related to the products and services we provide. The reliable function of our products and expertise involved in our service work is crucial to create a safe work environment for our customers. Employees must at all times have relevant education and training to safely perform their work.


Sustainability is our core guiding principle which runs through the complete organization. The concept of a sustainable business involves how we define our customer offering through the actions of our organization to how we chose suppliers, produce and transport our products. It is our responsibility to continually improve all aspects of our business -environment, social and economic – to help create a better world than today.

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