cargo net

PBF Cargo Net 88×108″ – height: 96″

PBF light weight cargo net, 88×108″ – height: 96″

Product nr: 1B6N-N3-096-12
Description: PBF light weight cargo net for HCU-6 pallet with 463L system, dimensions: 88x108", height: 96", ETSO/TSO C90c certified, conform MIL-N-27443, Polyester "slot" webbing 22mm, mesh 300x300mm knotless, tare weight: 30 kg, 40 adjusting hooks, 22 tie down hook with retainer, 2 central placards, 4 lashing lines, one ETSO/TSO manufacturer label, delivered with EASA Form 1 + Component & Maintenance Manual (CMM)
Dimensions (inch): 88x108x96
Length (inch): 108
Width (inch): 88
Height (inch): 96
Tare weight (kg): 30
Material: Polyester
Mesh size (mm): 300x300
Color: white
Tensioning: 40 adjusting hooks
Fitting: 22 tie down hooks with retainer
Certification: ETSO/TSO C90c + MIL-N-27443
Conditionnement (pc): 1