Cargo net for HCU 6-Pallet

Cargo net for HCU-6-Pallet

Securing load in military cargo aircraft with HCU-6 one piece manufactured net,  ATTLA approved.

Cargo net for HCU-6/E Pallet with ATTLA certification is compatible with 463L pallet system.

With a gross weight of 10000 lbs and dimensions of 88 x 108 x 96″, the cargo net meets the requirements of IATA standard specification and conform to NAS 3610 and MIL-N-27443 standard.

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) ETSO C90C (European Technical Standard Order) approved, the manufactured cargo net can be used in certified aircraft such as USAF KC-135, KC-10, C-130, C-17 and C-5 used by OTAN and American Air Force for example.

Matching the restraint requirements of size limit 463L pallet with a maximum height of 96″, the net is allowed  for palletization of loads to be airlifted on USAF cargo aircraft.

National part number : NSN 1670-14-563-2143.

ATTLA approval document can be provided on demand.

For more specifications, download our technical data sheet.

Product nr: 1B6N-N3096-12
Description: Cargo net for 463L / HCU-6 one piece, 24495 daN / 10000 lbs, conform to NAS 3610 and ATTLA approved, ETSO / TSO C90c, dimensions: 88 x 108 x 96", knotless mesh, meshsize 180 x 180mm, 100% Polyester - FAR 25,853 + anti abraison treatment
NSN: 1670-14563-2143
Length (inch): 88'
Width (inch): 108'
Height (inch): 96'
Tare weight (lbs): 66
Material: 100 % Polyester-FAR 25,853 + anti abrasion treatment
Color: white
Certification: EASA N° EASA.210.1234
Ultimate Service Load DaN / lbs: 4550 / 10000
Conditionnement (pc): 1


Technical data sheet