Tie down strap

Tie down strap 10000 lbs, flat hook both ends

Strap ETSO C-172, 1 to 12 m, 10000 lbs, flat hook both ends, ratched buckle

Description: Tie down strap ETSO C-172 certified, total length: 1 to 12 m, 50 mm webbing, Ultimate load: 4450 DaN / 10000 lbs, tension device: ratched buckle, end fittings : flat hook both ends
Length (m): 1 to 12 m
Width (m): 50
Material: Polyester
Color: On request
Tensioning: Ratchet buckle
Fitting: flat hook both ends
Certification: ETSO C-172
Fixed length (m): 1
Ultimate Service Load DaN / lbs: 4450 / 10000
Conditionnement (pc): 1